I have been involved in photography most of my life, and am mostly self taught. My mother gave me a small plastic camera when I was young and went to town with it. Later in middle school my interest began to be sparked. At that time we could not afford a 35 mm camera so I hung out with and made friends with the students in the class and learned a great deal about developing film and processing prints in the darkroom. When I was in the service I acquired a 35 mm camera at last.

When the dslr's came onto the market I finally got into digital photography. I still shoot with film and will never give that up it has its own look and feel. I carry most of that experience into my digital photography.

I don't like to take photos of what every body likes I like look at different directions, I  crawl through the bushes, and find different angles and insights. I try not to take cliché photos.

When I look at people I visualize how I could I best photograph them, and what the print would look like.