A look to the New Year 2016

December 2015 ended on a very busy note, January 2016 is stating off where 2015 left off, very busy.

I have some booked shoots coming up fashion. I have a couple of day road trips planned one that will take me to the desert to some new places I have not been before. And of course some snow trips. So I should have some new pieces for the February Art Walk in Riverside.

I am also going to be piecing together material for a coffee table book I have in mind. Once I have it all together I will be looking for funding to publish when the time comes. 

I also have some projects in mind where I will be using models, mostly from the agencies I have access to plus I will be shooting test shoots for them$$$. 

Fashion Blog

Waiting for this Fashion Blog to launch so I can show off some of the great shots I got. Also looking forward to a scheduled group shoot coming up in the beginning of December 2015 at Bomb Bay Beach. I will be there a couple hours early with a film camera to get some great landscapes, might us the digi as well.  

Last Art Walk of 2015

This Thursday night will be the last Riverside Art Walk for me for 2015 will be back February 2016. So come on by say hello, check out the new stuff I have and all the great art by local artists. I am not there in December and January because of the Festival of lights at the Mission Inn, everybody is over there. 

I have some really cool projects I am working on like a fashion campaign that has been ongoing for about a month now.  I will post some of the great shots I got when they launch there line. I will be doing a shoot near Salton Sea the beginning of December, should be way cool.

So hope to see you there this Thursday night at  6:00 pm to  9:00 pm , I will be in the Life Arts Building in the Flamenco Room in the corner with the lights.


Cool Stuff

Cool stuff happening. I start shooting with a dog rescue organization this week end where I will be donating my time taking some nice photos of dogs that are ready for adoption. Being a dog person myself this was an easy decision. And In September will be shooting with an actor (will remain un-named at this time due to restrictions on photographing with celebs) for a magazine in LA. Art Walk in Riverside tonight, come by booth in the Life Arts Center and say hello.


I feel sorry for these people that what a lot for nothing. They call you up and ask what packages and the pricing for each package. Well I don't really have set packages because everyone wishes something different, so my "packages" are custom and I go out of my way to deliver a quality product. The reason I feel sorry for them is that they schedule an appointment with me to discuss and I show my work to them (these are for events by the way) they sometimes end up going with a photog that charges very little and that is what they get. Last year I quoted a wedding for a friend of my wife for what they were going to get I quoted  really good price, but they went with someone a lot cheaper. I had the privilege to see the images after the wedding, needless to say the couple was very disappointed with the results. You get what you pay for.  I also find that the majority of these cheap photogs have no experience working with film and I find them to be very lazy and it shows in their work. So if you are looking for a photog find one that has experience and a lot of it and better yet still uses it like I do. You will like what you get.


The shoot with the dancer went really well. Despite the problems getting make up there,the dancer being a professional came prepared. So we got some great shots. i printed a couple of them to preview at art walk and was noticed by a gallery and was asked if I would be interested in showing this August, 

This week I will be shooting the beginning of a portfolio for a male model that is just starting out. I will be starting with his Polaroids and then move to head shots and out from there. This take place at Tiger Lab Productions Studio in Riverside, CA. 

And I will be shooting a wedding  this week end. Busy times and loving it.

Dance Project

Really looking forward the the upcoming dance shoot I have this week end.I am not going to give any details yet, not until after I post to the website images form the shoot. Everybody has confirmed and are excited. I will be collaborating with a very talented dancer whose disciplines are ballet and modern jazz dance, my wife will be assisting me. Will also be working with a new MUA that comes highly recommended. We will be shooting at the Tiger Labs Productions in Riverside, great facility and they consented that I can make a mess (I will clean up of course). Can't wait. :)

Rolling down the back side of a large wave

Hi been awhile, I am finally rolling down the back side of a large commercial wave. S I will be posting here a couple of those images here. and some from an upcoming project I will be doing in a week. Its a continuation of the ongoing dance project  I started a couple of yeas ago. Really look forward to it. I just Need a MUA and I will be set.


Completed and delivered the Bollywood shoot, looks good. Have a couple of small projects to complete. So that will let me work on a couple of my own projects before the next wave comes in. Doing the Sky Panel project gave me some ideas for presentation of some of my images in a different way. And a different take on street photography I hope will amuse. 

Bollywood Shoot

Did the Bollywood shoot last night for Bollywood Step. I shot over 1300 images for the client, at first scan there appears to be several usable. I adjusted to the stage light pretty well. The dance was very impressive. I had to stay on my toes because the action moved quite fast at times. I look forward to going through them more in more detail and get them to my client.

Still Busy

Just finishing up the 15 year old celebration images from the party day. the I will save those to disc per my client. Just shot some family portraits today. That was fun. I also was awarded the contract to produce sky panels for a hospital Ct scan room. If this goes well I could be seeing a lot more work from this company. And yes I am receiving a deposit to move forward. I was also booked today to shoot a dance recital next weekend of Indian dance (India), can't wait this goes along with my long term art project of photographing different dance disciplines. Stay tuned.

Hi been busy

I haven't had a chance to post much recently I have been very busy.  On the 15 year old celebration shoot delivered the prints to the family day before yesterday, they loved them (makes me happy that they are happy). Currently processing images from a birthday celebration this past week end in a house on top of a hill in the middle of a avocado orchard (nice). Was informal notified that I may have one a contract to shoot sky panels for a hospital in orange county could be a very long term relationship. But they have not sent me a PO to date, this will be the first time and I require a deposit with the balance due net. That's S.O.P for all photographers. I mean 98% of our customers are new. That is my business plan and I will not waver. Could be a deal breaker.

15 Year old Shoot

Just finished processing the first shoot for a 15 year old celebration> I shot it in a studio, it went from more traditional to a fashion shoot. Got a lot of great shots, hope they like them. A week and a half we do the other part and it will have traditional components as well as some different ones.

Very Busy

I have not had much of a chance lately to post anything. I have been shooting and creating a catalog for a project I am bidding. If I win this, it will be a nice on going comi$$ioned project. Today I will be shooting the first part of a 15 year old celebration in the studio. This should be a lot of fun today. And I am hoping to get some weather tonight into tomorrow morning I know a great place to get a shot from that will look awesome in black and white.

Recent Model Shoots

Shot w with a couple of male models at the suggestion of a modeling agency to add more male models to my port to balance out. Brian shown here was very easy to work with and we had a lot of fun on the set and got some great shots.

Riverside Art Walk February 5, 2015 6 pm

I will be at the Riverside Art Walk this coming Thursday. I will be there from 6 to 9 pm in the Life Arts Center on the corner of University and Lemon in the Flamenco Room. Just look for the Aspo Banner. I will have new offerings this month. Like a infra red black and white image I took in Riverside many will recognize. So come on by say hello. And I will be at the Lunar Festival in Riverside Tomorrow Shooting so if you see say hello.

First Time Blog

I have been busy so I don't get to blog very often if at all.

What I have started recently is offering to new clothing designers one shoot for free. If I do a good job for them then the hope is to establish a long term relationship as we both grow.