I feel sorry for these people that what a lot for nothing. They call you up and ask what packages and the pricing for each package. Well I don't really have set packages because everyone wishes something different, so my "packages" are custom and I go out of my way to deliver a quality product. The reason I feel sorry for them is that they schedule an appointment with me to discuss and I show my work to them (these are for events by the way) they sometimes end up going with a photog that charges very little and that is what they get. Last year I quoted a wedding for a friend of my wife for what they were going to get I quoted  really good price, but they went with someone a lot cheaper. I had the privilege to see the images after the wedding, needless to say the couple was very disappointed with the results. You get what you pay for.  I also find that the majority of these cheap photogs have no experience working with film and I find them to be very lazy and it shows in their work. So if you are looking for a photog find one that has experience and a lot of it and better yet still uses it like I do. You will like what you get.